Firehalt Ultralite 60 is another product in a new family of ultra-lightweight fire barriers that all offer an insulation value of 15 mins. This particular product has a fire resistance rating of 60mins and has been tested for both vertical and horizontal applications – control zones etc.

The construction uses specially woven / treated glass fibre fabrics plus a unique combination of reflective and insulation layers. The method of installation is simple and requires no specialist tools or fittings.

Both the product and installation details have full IFC certification to 60 mins Integrity and 15 mins Insulation to BS476 p22.



FireHalt cavity fire barrier products are manufactured in the UK using a unique multi-layer construction. Our Ultralite 60 high performance fire barrier is easy to fit and comes with fully illustrated fitting instructions in every pack.

All FireHalt fire barriers are tested and product certified by widely recognised independent test houses and certification bodies.

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  • Lightweight multi-layer design
  • Glass fabric coated with proprietary non toxic, high temperature finish
  • Easy to fit
  • Can be easily cut with knife or scissors
  • Fully Illustrated fitting instructions included in every pack
  • Independently tested and certified


Integrity 60 minutes
Insulation 15 minutes
Lightweight 1334 g/m2
Thickness 6.5 mm
Length 6.0m
Width 1.3m
Area 7.8m2
Pack Weight 10.04 kg approx.


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